Puppy Print Facial Mask *SOLD OUT*
Puppy Print Facial Mask *SOLD OUT*
Puppy Print Facial Mask *SOLD OUT*

Puppy Print Facial Mask *SOLD OUT*

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We received a stupendous number of orders! We apologize for selling out! Thank you to everyone for your generosity to these wonderful organizations.

Our talented Custom Framer, Tracey, has created adorable hand-crafted facial masks for our "10 Days of Giving" and is working hard on the quick influx of orders, and we will notify everyone when we are back in stock.

For every $10 donated, we will mail you a mask!

Facial Mask Details:

Front - 100% Cotton Print

Back - Non-woven Polypropylene Interfacing

Side - Elastic Loops

Masks are machine washable

We would like to highlight 3 local organizations and you may choose the organization you would like the proceeds to go to:

The Animal Rescue League

The Animal Rescue League of Berks County is a charitable 501c3 organization caring for nearly 5,000 animals each year to help them find second chances in a new home, or to help reunite them with their grateful owners. Animal shelters are going above and beyond to keep the animals and people of our community safe during the pandemic. We must not forget that they rely heavily on our community support. This means we need to ban together and help them in any way we can.

The Wolf Sanctuary of PA

The Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania is located in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country. On 80 plus acres of natural woodland, you will find the home of the Wolves of Speedwell. For nearly 40 years, the Darlington Family has offered refuge to gray wolves and wolf-dogs. Originally created as a private rescue, Wolf Sanctuary of PA has grown into an educational facility. They are devoted to assuring the highest quality of care and enrichment for their wolves.

Grey Muzzle Manor

Currently there are very few rescue groups in the United States that specialize in helping homeless senior dogs, though older dogs are found in every municipal animal shelter and humane society and with rescue leagues of all shapes and sizes. There is a great need for special programs that are unique to old dogs, such as hospice care and health care programs for dogs in loving homes whose people may need a little financial assistance as their dog ages. Grey Muzzle helps animal welfare organizations nationwide to provide care, comfort, and loving homes for old dogs. 

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